Terms of Use

This Client Portal is intended solely for the use of healthcare providers servicing patients enrolled in the DEXTENZA360™ program, or who reasonably expect to enroll patients in the DEXTENZA360 program in the future. By using this DEXTENZA360 PORTAL (the "Client Portal"), you acknowledge that Ocular Therapuetics, Inc. ("Ocular Therapuetics") is providing the material contained herein for informational purposes only, and that neither Ocular Therapuetics nor its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, agents, or licensors are providing the materials to you for the purposes of giving medical advice. You should not rely solely on the Client Portal in deciding on a treatment plan, drug usage, or any other medical advice. The Client Portal is owned by Ocular Therapuetics and operated by its agent EVERSANA, a covered entity under HIPAA. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, Ocular Therapuetics, EVERSANA, and their respective affiliates, partners, and authorized agents are referred to as the "MPDP Parties."

User Agreement for DEXTENZA360 PORTAL Users

This User Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you (the healthcare provider) may access and use the DEXTENZA360 PORTAL (the "Client Portal"). Violations of this User Agreement may, without notice, result in the termination of your access to, and use of, the Client Portal and/or its services, in addition to other legal remedies available to the MPDP Parties (defined herein as Ocular Therapuetics, EVERSANA, and their respective affiliates, partners, and authorized agents). By using this Client Portal, you accept the information, products, and services provided herein "as is." The MPDP Parties make no express or implied warranty regarding the accuracy, content, completeness, reliability, operability, or legality of information contained within the Client Portal.


As a Client Portal User (referred to herein as "User" or "you"), you may access the Client Portal only to provide or receive information related to patients who have authorized you to receive and provide their data. You may not use the Client Portal for any other purpose. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data that you submit to the Client Portal, and for your use and handling of any data you receive from the Client Portal. By executing this agreement, you acknowledge and agree that the MPDP Parties are relying on you with respect to the accuracy of the data you provide, and they are in no event assuming any responsibility regarding the accuracy of such data. You acknowledge that if you download, record, or transfer patients' personal information for purposes other than the provision of care to the patient, such action may violate federal or state law, which may result in civil fines, criminal prosecution, and other forms of liability for you and your employer.

In no event shall the MPDP Parties be liable for any direct, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss related to the use of the Client Portal, whether in an action of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, or other tortious action arising out of or in connection with the use of the materials contained on the Client Portal. Except for any warranties expressly contained herein, the MPDP Parties expressly disclaim and exclude all other warranties, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights.

As a Client Portal User, You Agree to Do All of the Following:

  • Keep secure and confidential all personal information of patients and others whose personal information, including medical information, you may access or receive via the Client Portal.
  • Only use the information on the Client Portal for the permitted purposes stated herein.
  • Obtain written patient consent for the electronic transmission of that patient’s medical information.
  • Notify the MPDP Parties by email at Dextenza360Support@EVERSANA.com if you believe that any of the personal information on the Client Portal has been inappropriately transferred, used, copied or in any other way disclosed or compromised.
  • Notify the MPDP Parties when you no longer need access to the Client Portal by phone at 800-339-8369 or by email at Dextenza360Support@EVERSANA.com.
  • NEVER download or transfer by any means (electronic, digital, or otherwise), to any electronic media, computer, application, or similar device (including, for example, laptops, CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives, etc.) or to any other website, blog, or other public or private site, any personal information contained on the Client Portal other than as necessary to support your office's provision of care and support to the patient. If you choose to print any information from the Client Portal, you must protect it and handle it according to your office's information privacy and security policies / laws as applicable, , but in every instance no less than a reasonable standard of care for the handling of such information.
  • NEVER transcribe any personal information from the Client Portal to paper or other non-electronic medium other than as necessary to support your office's provision of care to the patient.
  • NEVER share your account username or password(s) with anyone, including other staff, friends, family, or other third parties
  • NEVER post or submit personally identifiable information of any person for whom you do not have a signed HIPAA privacy release.
  • NEVER collect, store, or publish personally identifiable information, such as health information, passwords, account information, financial information, addresses, or other contact information about a patient without that patient's informed consent.
  • NEVER use information obtained from the Client Portal in any way that is detrimental to any patient whose information is on the Client Portal.

Additional Responsibilities of Office Managers and Physicians:

  • Provide guidelines and reasonable training of office staff in acceptable use, policies, and responsibilities governing use of the Client Portal.
  • Request unique user logins for each office employee and promptly request logins for new office employees.
  • Monitor use of the Client Portal by your staff to protect available or downloaded patient information.
  • Promptly remove user access of terminated employees.
  • Set and keep current the appropriate access level for each office employee.
  • Limit access to the Client Portal to only those of your office staff with an actual need to access patient information.
  • Update the physicians’ office information (address, phone numbers, etc.) when changes occur.

Additional Responsibilities of Physicians:

  • If you are a physician, you hereby agree that you are ultimately responsible for managing staff access and roles. It is your responsibility to periodically review and modify or delete staff member accounts when they are terminated or change roles to ensure staff access levels are appropriate.